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Dirk Jongkind

Vice Principal (Academic)


Content from Dirk Jongkind

  • From the hands of scribes

    How does handwriting shed light on variants in Bible manuscripts? Beth Vickers and Dr Dirk Jongkind follow the clues

    Dirk Jongkind & Beth Vickers

  • The written Gospels - Dr Dirk Jongkind pt1

    In this episode, Dr Andrew Ollerton speaks to Dr Dirk Jongkind about the process through which the Gospels were preserved and came to be wri…

    Andrew Ollerton & Dirk Jongkind

  • Are the Gospels too similar?

    Dr Dirk Jongkind explains why the Gospels have reliable and independent links to the events of Jesus' life.

    Dirk Jongkind

  • Can we have confidence in the manuscripts? - Dr Dirk Jongkind pt2

    In this episode, Dr Andrew Ollerton and Dr Dirk Jongkind ask whether we can have confidence to trust the Gospel manuscripts and how the Gosp…

    Andrew Ollerton & Dirk Jongkind