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  • The World of the Bible – Cambridge

    Join us on Saturday 6 April 2024, for a day of teaching from Tyndale House researchers to investigate the world of the Bible.

  • The World of the Bible – Lisburn

    Join us Saturday 16 March 2024, for a day of teaching from Tyndale House researchers to investigate the world of the Bible.

  • The genius of Jesus

    Jesus never wrote a book, and yet his teachings have influenced billions throughout history. Peter Williams investigates the genius behind t…

    Peter J Williams

  • Stephen Langton stained glass window with transparent manuscript behind

    Where did the Bible's chapters come from?

    Nelson Hsieh explores how the Bible came to have chapter divisions and how they influence our reading of the text

    Nelson Hsieh

  • The top of the Hammurabi Stele

    The 'Law Code' of Hammurabi

    Caleb Howard considers the enduring fame of one of the oldest written codes of law and asks how it compares to the laws given to the people …

    Caleb Howard

  • people moving in a train station

    Reading the Bible in a secular age

    Tony Watkins highlights how our secular culture can influence the way we view the Bible, and suggests how Christians can factor that in when…

    Tony Watkins

  • graphic showing grain of wood

    Reading Jeremiah with the grain of Scripture

    Jill Firth takes us on a journey through the book of Jeremiah to uncover the message of hope woven into a story of rebellion.

    Jill Firth

  • A photo of footnote in a Bible that says 'Septuagint' and is highlighted and circled

    Following the Footnotes: The Septuagint

    Chris Fresch follows the footnotes to unravel the mystery of the Septuagint and its influence on modern Bible translations

    Chris Fresch

  • Faith and works in the letter of James

    In 2023, two of our 16 PhD students were studying the letter of James. Francie Cornes set out to discover what drew them to the letter and t…

    Francie Cornes

  • Drawing of pillars in Graeco-roman style

    How to live well: role models and imitation in early Christianity

    Cor Bennema looks at what the Graeco-Roman world and the Bible can teach us about using imitation to aid Christians to live well

    Cor Bennema

  • The ABCS of Hebrew Acrostic Poems

    Megan Alsene-Parker delves into the artistry of the Hebrew acrostic form and the vivid pictures these little-known poems paint.

    Megan Alsene-Parker

  • the head of a Judaean Pillar figurine in a circle with a gridded background

    Artefact in focus: Judaean Pillar Figurines

    At every archaeological tell in which eighth and seventh century remains of the kingdom of Judah have been excavated, small female figurines…

    George Heath-Whyte

  • James and Paul on Wealth and Poverty

    David Armitage unpacks how recent research by Craig Blomberg challenges the perceived incompatibility between the perspectives of Paul and J…

    Craig Blomberg & David Armitage

  • How we got the Bible

    Dirk Jongkind takes a long look at the story of how the Bible came to us.

    Dirk Jongkind

  • Christ and the spiritual powers in Colossians

    Diego dy Carlos Araújo explores connections between the spiritual concerns of the early church and contemporary Brazilian Christians.

    Diego dy Carlos Araújo

  • Biblical Critical Theory

    Andrew Ollerton talks to Christopher Watkin about how the Bible's story helps us make sense of modern life and culture.

    Andrew Ollerton & Christopher Watkin

  • Academic presenting with cuneiform tablet image on screen

    Theology Network Day 2023

    Join us for a day with UCCF's Theology Network to explore the possibility of pursuing biblical scholarship as a way of serving Christ.

  • World of the Bible Day Conference Edinburgh 2023

    A day conference investigating the World of the Bible: How Scripture fits together and what it means for us.

  • Following the Footnotes: The Masoretic Text

    The first in a series of articles exploring the footnotes we find in the Bible. The Masoretic text is the focus in this article, what is it …

    Kim Phillips

  • Graphic of different English translations of the Bible lined up next to each other

    How do we choose which Bible translation to read?

    How do we know which translation of the Bible is the best one to read? Tony Watkins looks at the two main approaches used to translate the B…

    Tony Watkins