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  • Academic presenting with cuneiform tablet image on screen

    Theology Network Day 2023

    Join us for a day with UCCF's Theology Network to explore the possibility of pursuing biblical scholarship as a way of serving Christ.

  • World of the Bible Day Conference Edinburgh 2023

    A day conference investigating the World of the Bible: How Scripture fits together and what it means for us.

  • Growing Bible Confidence 2020

    Talks from Dr Peter J Williams, Dr Dirk Jongkind and James Bejon, aimed at growing confidence in the reliability of the Gospel accounts

    Peter J Williams & Dirk Jongkind & James Bejon

  • Exploring the Old Testament and its World 2019

    Join us Saturday 22 June 2019, for a day of teaching from Tyndale House researchers, investigating the languages and historical context of t…