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J. Caleb Howard

Research Fellow in Old Testament and Ancient Near East at Tyndale House, Editor: Tyndale Bulletin

Content from Caleb Howard

  • The top of the Hammurabi Stele

    The 'Law Code' of Hammurabi

    Caleb Howard considers the enduring fame of one of the oldest written codes of law and asks how it compares to the laws given to the people …

    J. Caleb Howard

  • Who were the Amorites?

    Dr Caleb Howard takes a look at the surviving evidence of a mysterious people to ask whether we can really know anything about them

    J. Caleb Howard

  • Wall panel displaying Assyrian King Sargon II facing a man thought to be the crown prince, his son Sennacherib

    Who were the Assyrians?

    Dr Caleb Howard explains how getting to know ancient cultures can help us to grasp a deeper understanding of Scripture

    J. Caleb Howard