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Caleb Howard

Research Fellow in Old Testament and Ancient Near East, Editor: Tyndale Bulletin


Content from Caleb Howard

  • Who were the Amorites?

    Dr Caleb Howard takes a look at the surviving evidence of a mysterious people to ask whether we can really know anything about them

    Caleb Howard

  • Wall panel displaying Assyrian King Sargon II facing a man thought to be the crown prince, his son Sennacherib

    Who were the Assyrians?

    Dr Caleb Howard explains how getting to know ancient cultures can help us to grasp a deeper understanding of Scripture

    Caleb Howard

  • Artefact in focus: The Black Obelisk

    Only one Judahite king ended up with his picture on an Assyrian royal monument. Find out why it probably wasn't a distinction king Jehu wa…

    Caleb Howard