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Tony Watkins

Tony Watkins

Fellow for Public Engagement at Tyndale House

Content from Tony Watkins

  • How do we read the book of Micah?

    Tony Watkins gives some helpful pointers on how to read and understand the book of Micah, along with some general reflections on the prophet…

    Tony Watkins

  • Graphic of the spines of different books of the Bible lined up next to each other

    Why do our Bibles contain these books and not others?

    Tony Watkins explores how the 66 books of the Bible were put together, why they were included and not others, and how we can be confident th…

    Tony Watkins

  • people moving in a train station

    Reading the Bible in a secular age

    Tony Watkins highlights how our secular culture can influence the way we view the Bible, and suggests how Christians can factor that in when…

    Tony Watkins